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We just finished our fourth program with Sciencetellers.  Andrew's programs are amazing!  There's standing room only at every performance. Kids and parents talk about the show for weeks after.  The shows are entertaining and lively with tons of audience participation. Norwood Library (and patrons) highly recommends Sciencetellers for your children's programming needs.

--Eileen Baker, Norwood Public Library


What a wonderful 6th birthday party my son had!  Andrew the Scienceteller kept the children engaged and entertained the entire time.  Everyone had a great time including the parents.

--Sue Morrissey, Basking Ridge, NJ


Andrew the Scienceteller performed the “Potions” show at our house for our annual kids’ Halloween party.  It was a huge hit with the guests (ages 3 to 9 plus some parents).  The kids were occupied and engaged for the ENTIRE hour long show.  We’d previously seen and enjoyed Piccirillo shows in public venues and are very happy with how well everything went in our own backyard.  Andrew’s interaction with the kids and the exciting experiments that punctuated the story made this a party to remember.  Every guest was enthralled and entertained from “pre-show” to the exciting finish all while learning some science!

--Jim & Nicole Youse, Cherry Hill, NJ


Just had Piccirillo Sciencetelling again at my library.  What I like most is that the program is suitable for a wide age range, perfect for a small-town library!  Lots of fun, lots of laughs and maybe a little learning in there too.  Very cool.

--Jenna Galley, Peapack-Gladstone Library


Piccirillo Sciencetelling was FANTASTIC!  We had 8 different weekly experiences at our summer camp and all were equally wonderful!  The kids couldn't stop talking about it and the teachers too!  We are looking forward to having Piccirillo back again next summer!  We highly recommend that you do too!

--Pamela Goldberger, Cooper Learning Center


We could not have found a more entertaining and informative program.  Not just the children laughing and learning, but the staff as well.  Thank you.  Five stars!

--Bergen County Special Services


Donniee the Scienceteller really made the presentation entertaining for all ages, and I got so much positive feedback from everyone.  I loved the way she worked adult humor into the show, and she has a firm grip on what kids think is funny, too.  What a fun way to sneak some science education into our summer programming!  The kids had no idea they were learning something.  Thank you so much for sending her our way!

--East Brunswick Public Library


WOW!  The kids were thrilled and you certainly held their attention from beginning to end.  I bet you also sparked quite a few science-thinkers in the group, too. We're going to recommend you to the other libraries in the Monmouth County system.  Thank you again for coming to our End of Summer party.

--Nanette Reis, Director, Oceanic Free Library, Rumson, NJ


Larissa the Scienceteller did a wonderful job Sciencetelling!  It was great to see how she was able to engage children of all ages into her story and experiments!  We look forward to seeing another show by you!

--Kathleen, Monroe Township Public Library


Piccirillo presented a very educational and informative fun program at our library.  Children got really involved with him, and later told me that they went home and performed some of the science experiments at home.

--Marlboro Public Library


Once again, the Piccirillo Sciencetelling experience did not disappoint.  You'd be hard pressed to find a more educational/fun/kid friendly program for your library.  Heartily recommended.

--Jan Murphy, Cranbury Public Library


Spectacular!!  The Scienceteller interacted with the entire audience.  The children became part of the story.  He took the time to make sure every child in attendance was involved, with one experiment or another!  Audience participation was impressive.  THREE CHEERS TO PICCIRILLO SCIENCETELLING!



Andrew the Scienceteller had our Brownie Troop's undivided attention from the moment he began his Potion Program.  The girls laughed, screamed and cheered throughout the show.  This was one meeting the girls (and leaders) will never forget!

--Donna Ludovico, Brownie Troop 61583, Logan Township, NJ


Our patrons absolutely loved Andrew's Dragons and Dreams show.  They were captivated by his storytelling and his really cool science experiments.  I would definitely recommend him for libraries and schools!!

--Lia Carruthers, Roxbury Public Library


Sciencetelling is a magical mixture of suspenseful storytelling and explosive physics and chemistry that Andrew delivers with infectious, wild enthusiasm!  The children were mesmerized, and the adults' faces were aching from so much smiling and laughter.  Andrew the Scienceteller totally connects with both kids and the adult "kids", demonstrating how science is all around us and is accessible to us all...AND made it fun and exciting.  We look forward to figuring out when the next time we can all be VOLUNTEERS and have Andrew come to blow us away (like the toilet paper attack) here in Bogota.  Thank you Andrew!

--Nikki Spiegel, Bogota Public Library


We saw Andrew the Scienceteller at the Paramus Library and absolutely loved Potions.  Eniek knew right away what she wanted to do with her birthday party this year.  We picked the Dragons and Dreams story and it was absolutely fantastic.  We had 16 kids, age 4-9, boys and girls, and 10 parents and we ALL loved the show.  This will be one to talk about years to come.  And my son?  He wants the same thing for his birthday in October.

--Aske, mother of Eniek, Paramus, NJ


The presentation was outstanding.  All the children were engaged.  The use of a story line kept the children interested.

--Green Brook, NJ


I highly recommend Andrew Piccirillo Sciencetelling.  His fun, educational show was enjoyed by all!

--Janine Randolph, Cub Scout Pack 82, Allenwood, NJ


All the students absolutely loved Andrew's Sciencetelling assembly. We would recommend this exciting, fun and interactive assembly.

--Liz & Susie, Oak Street School Cultural Arts, Basking Ridge, NJ


Piccirillo Sciencetelling was a hit at our daughter's birthday party. The children were mesmerized, but most of all they had a blast! The parents also enjoyed the show and the jokes.

--Janet & John, Freehold, NJ


Andrew was fantastic. He entertained the scouts and parents. Andrew performed the potions story and kept everyone laughing with his story telling. The scouts are still talking about the performance and want him to come back again. 
I have seen Andrew at libraries and birthday parties. He truly has a gift and is also an amazing person. Thank you Andrew the Scienceteller

--Linda Harbaugh, Cub Scout Pack 244, Mullica Hill, NJ


Andrew’s sciencetelling program is wonderful! Our meeting room was packed with eager attendees mesmerized by his engaging performance. In fact, his program attracted so much attention from the South Brunswick community that they asked to have him back again whenever it’s possible. Highly recommended.

--Susanna Chan, South Brunswick Public Library


Andrew visited our school and brought his fantastic form of storytelling and science to our children. It was one of the most interesting and entertaining programs I have witnessed as well as informative. The children learned so many things and with their participation have many fond memories of the assembly program. He has so much energy and enthusiasm in his presentation that it was contagious to the children.

--John M Steck, St. Alphonsus School, Maple Glen, PA


Why does Andrew Piccirillo keep appearing at the Watchung Public Library every summer? He's THAT engaging, THAT entertaining, and THAT informative. And for our audiences, THAT'S GREAT!
Andrew's passion for both science and the art of performing enables children and adults - and some objects - to explode with delight while exploring new concepts. He is at ease with his audience before, during and after a show. His stories are as original as his scientific illustrations. I picture him coming back next summer to once again share what he's created with us. And of course, that would be great!

--Sharon Orlando, Watchung Public Library


Andrew came for my son's 11 year old birthday party which we held at the park.  HE WAS GREAT!!  We had a mixture of children with autism, several with cerebral palsy and an age range from 2-13 and EVERYONE was interested!!  He did a great job of deflecting negative and aggressive behaviors exhibited by some of the children and made some pretty corny jokes.  But the jokes went over as well as he did. YOU NEED TO CHECK THIS OUT!!  This is a wonderful program and Andrew is a great guy.  He was very understanding and accommodating and if we ever need a science guy again, I will be calling!!  God bless.

--Jenn, Mom of child with autism, Clementon, NJ


Having Piccirillo Sciencetelling at our school was a pure delight. He engaged the students and teachers in a variety of ways. We will have him back!

--Lower Elementary School, New-Hope-Solebury School District, Solebury, PA


Andrew entertained at my son Tyler's 5th Birthday Party and all of the kids had a blast! He kept them excited and involved for the whole hour! Even the adults were enthralled by his stories and fun experiments. Tyler and his friends could not have had a better time - the dry ice experiments were a huge hit! They loved having cloudy bubbles poured over their heads and making slime. Thanks for a wonderful and memorable birthday party!

--Lauren, Glen Ridge, NJ


All the children had a great time watching Andrew make the dry ice experiments at the Clarence Dillon Library! It was a blast, thanks for making the afternoon fun and educational! My son is looking forward to a science birthday party in July!

--Tracey, Bedminster, NJ


We had the pleasure of hosting The Bugs of Blackwood this summer at the Warminster Township Free Library. Andrew's energy and enthusiasm were contagious! The kids loved him and the parents thought he was hilarious! He had a wonderful rapport with the children. Awesome show!

--Connie Hillman, Warminster Township Free Library


It is always a pleasure to see children excited about learning and it is really spectacular when the children are excited about science. Andrew the Scienceteller is phenomenal, introducing science and making it approachable and fun. Parents as well as children were interested in what would happen next and all wanted to be a part of the show. My library has had the pleasure of hosting Piccirillo's shows twice and both events were standing room only. If I had a teacher like Andrew...Biology would have been much easier to pass!

--Rachee, Lansdowne Public Library


Andrew Piccirillo appeared at our library this summer with his program, "The Bugs of Blackwood", as part of our Summer Reading Program. We have had Andrew here many times, and we always have him back! Andrew's programs are always lively, enjoyable, raucous, and valuable. The children have a wonderful time, and they actually learn some science into the bargain. Andrew is a natural with the kids and they respond to his quirky sense of humor with great enthusiasm. One of our greatest pleasures here at the library is to hear the joyous laughter of our children. With Andrew on board, we are always guaranteed that treat. Needless to say, I highly recommend Andrew Piccirillo and Piccirillo Sciencetelling! Thank you, Virginia Peterlin, Activities Coordinator, Warren County Library, Northeast Branch, 63 Highway 46, Hackettstown, NJ 07840. 908-813-3858.

--Virginia Peterlin, Northeast Branch


Piccirillo Sciencetelling visited our library as part of our Summer Reading Club programming. The show was funny, exciting and appealed to a wide age range. We are looking forward to having Andrew back again for another show!

--Jenna Galley, Peapack-Gladstone Library


We had our first experience with Andrew the Scienceteller for our field day at our Elementary School in June. The teachers, students and parents all enjoyed the story and "show" that Andrew did for our students. Everyone was pleased with the performance and Andrew's professionalism throughout the program. We have already asked Andrew to come back next year for our field day in 2009.

--Susan Denton, Ben Franklin Elementary School, Edison, NJ


Great Show! The kids loved it. The show was lively and very hands on. The children's attention was captivated throughout the entire show.

--Colleen Menz, Big Timber Lake Camping Resort


This is the second time we've had Andrew and he'll be back for us again in the fall. One of the best if not the best programming we have here at Rachel Kohl Community Library. Truly entertaining for the children & their parents (plus me, too!)

--Jeff Melkerson, Rachel Kohl Community Library


Our Cub Scout Pack recruitment meeting was a big success, thanks to Piccirillo Sciencetelling. Andrew presented the Potions Program, which had the kids enthralled, animated and engaged throughout the evening. One mom told me, "How could my son NOT want to be in Cub Scouts after a meeting like this?" Andrew had the full and rapt attention not only of the first to fifth graders, but of their parents as well.

--Claire F., Cub Scout Pack 182, Three Bridges, NJ


The 36 children at my son's 7th birthday party had a blast. There were oohs, ahhs, gasps of surprise, laughter and squeals of delight. Mr. Piccirillo was wonderful. The children listened and had fun. Its been a week. Parents and children are still talking about the party. Thank you for making my son's birthday party so memorable for everyone.

--Marie, Glenside, PA


Andrew came to our library for the first time last week and it was great! The children of our community were completely enthralled; I've never heard them yell more loudly than they did when Andrew asked the question, "do you want to see more?". They were mesmerized. Andrew's coming back in May and we can't wait!

--Jeff Melkerson, Rachel Kohl Community Library


Andrew was "explosive" at our son's 8th birthday party. The kids were captivated by the story and the awesome experiments. Andrew made the birthday boy feel so special by always choosing him as a volunteer, but also including his friends. The show was interactive and educational. Who knew that 20 eight year old boys could sit still for that long? Thanks to Andrew, our son's party was a huge success and has his friends asking when is the next Piccirillo Sciencetelling Party? Kudos to Andrew!

--Mike & Karol, Pennington, NJ


This was the second year Andrew Piccirillo came to our school for Science Night. Each year the theme is different, the program is different, and each year is more fun, engaging, and enjoyable than the previous year. Andrew has been very flexible and easy to work with. Both kids and parents love the shows. They are already asking, "Is he coming back next year?"

--Dawn, Open Door Christian Academy


Andrew has performed for our after-school program on a number of occasions. He is engaging and witty, interacting with the children, while teaching valuable lessons. He will definitely be invited again!

--Joan Maida, Bergen County Special Services


Andrew came to our public library and did an outstanding job at keeping the children both entertained and involved in his experiments.  They learned a lot about science and loved the story that went along with it.  The children were on the edge of their seats waiting to see what Andrew would do next to make the story unfold.  After Andrew left the kids even took out books on science experiments.  Thank you again!  We'll see you next year!

--Michele Blackinton,  Harrington Park Public Library


My son, John saw Piccirillo Sciencetelling at our local library last summer.  From that moment, all he wanted for his 8th birthday party was a Piccirillo Sciencetelling Party!  We booked Andrew from Piccirillo Sciencetelling for December 2007 and could not have been happier!  Andrew and his show were outstanding!!!  He kept 15 eight year olds engaged and amazed for the entire event!  Thank you Andrew for the best party we have ever had!!!

--Mary Kirchgasser, Media, PA


Andrew entertained us all at our son's 9th birthday.  He had everyone at the edge of their seats.  The kids desperately wanted to be a volunteer and participate.  A great time was had by all - it was engaging, educational and exciting.  What more can you ask?

--Joe Steel, Dayton, NJ


My son's 6th birthday party was a HUGE hit, thanks to Piccirillo Sciencetelling. His buddies talked about it for weeks, and the parents who attended said, "Wow! A kid's party that was fun for us, too!" My son already wants to know if we can have Andrew back for next year's party.

--Meli Simmering, Broomall, PA


This November (2007) was the second time Andrew delivered a spectacular performance at our library. As Andrew the Scienceteller tells the story of "Doolittle" a building set on a hilltop near his school, he illustrates (through the use of dry ice experiments) how matter can be changed into solids, liquids and gases. All the while the children giggled and squealed with delight as he covered them with fog and bubbles. I would highly recommend Piccirillo Sciencetelling to any other library or school.

--Olga Urbanowicz, Spotswood Public Library


Andrew was awesome. He was enjoyed by the kids and the parents alike. He has a very kind, nice way about him. He respects the kids and they respect him back. Educational and fun.

--Janine Randolph, Cub Scout Pack 82, Allenwood, NJ


The children thoroughly enjoyed the "Potions" program. It set the mood for a Halloween show without being scary. The children really had their attention held throughout the whole program. I honestly don't know who had more fun, the children or the parents!

--Paula Micalizzi, Bayonne Public Library


Experiencing Piccirillo Sciencetelling reopens the doors to amazing happenings that we may see everyday. The great thing about hearing the stories is that they are different and extremely interesting every time! It's such a fun and exciting way for everyone to learn. Every Summer I stay at home with my daughters and we have our own camp called ,"Mommy Camp", and as part of our camp curriculum they both join Trenton's Summer Reading Program in which at Summer's end there is a great party where Piccirillo Sciencetelling pays us a visit and we all get to have a wonderful science experience.

--Shantae S. Esannason, Mommy Camp


We had Piccirillo Sciencetelling for our daughter's birthday party. The kids, as well as the adults, enjoyed his show. I would recommend him to everyone. He is great at what he does!

--Morris Plains, NJ


The fun began the moment Andrew arrived at our community pool.  He has a great sense of humor!  He amused and entertained the adults as much as the children.  The combination of storytelling and hands on science experiments in the "Potions" program kept everyone mesmerized.  We can't wait to have him back!

--Heidi Croddick, Sayrebrooke Residential Community


Our young patrons thoroughly enjoyed "The Legend of Lavender Lake."  Their interest was held throughout the entire program and they were rewarded with an end to the story that totally fascinated them.  Excellent program done very professionally.  Highly recommended.

--Jane Tarantino, Rutherford Public Library


Andrew had an excellent rapport with the children.  They were alternatively laughing and fascinated.  His delivery was polished and professional.  Thanks for a great job, Andrew.

--Rosalie Nickles, Free Public Library of Hasbrouck Heights


Piccirillo Sciencetelling was a great success at our library.  The show engaged and entertained all of the children who attended.  We would be happy to have another show in the near future!

--Bloomfield Public Library


One of the best shows that we've ever had at our library!  It was enjoyed by children and adults alike.  I look forward to having Piccirillo Sciencetelling back again and again.

--Ridley Township Public Library


I first learned about Piccirillo Sciencetelling at a local community outing called "Swedesboro Day". I watched their show that day and I was amazed at the amount of fun and interaction Andrew had with the audience. I thought to myself, my summer camp would love one of their shows. We booked Piccirillo's Dragons & Dreams Program this summer and the children loved it. Their favorite experiments were the ones involving Dry ice.  Thank you for a great show and we will definitely book a future show with your company.

--Valerie Matteo, Alphabet Corner Preschool, Inc.


For the second season in a row Piccirillo Sciencetelling has fascinated our younger patrons with the fun programs. The programs engage, educate and leave them asking for more.

--Howell Branch, Monmouth County Library


My boys (ages 4 and 7) just loved "The Legend of Lavender Lake" at the Horsham Library!  Not only were they entertained, but I had a great time too!

--Patron, Horsham Township Library, Horsham, PA


We had Piccirillo Sciencetelling for our 8 year old son's birthday party.  I can't say enough about the "fun" and "excitement" the kids all had!!!  I would definitely recommend Piccirillo Sciencetelling to others.

--Jennifer McQuown, Barnegat, NJ


Our Piccirillo Sciencetelling experiences have been WOW!  The kids (and parents) can hardly wait 'til Andrew comes back - everyone is thoroughly entertained and thank goodness he keeps coming up with more stories.  Reports have it that the laughter of the crowd can be heard in the parking lot!

--Maria Birch, Washington Twp. Public Library


Your Dry Ice Station added immeasurably to our science fair this year in Nutley.  For the entire four hours you were there, every seat was filled.  To quote a member of our committee, your demonstration was "unique, engaging and very energetic."  In fact, of all the exhibits and performers we booked for the fair -- and there were quite a few -- the dry ice station received the most positive feedback, and many children sat through two shows.  Thanks so much.

--Leslie Garisto Pfaff, Nutley Academic Booster Club


AWESOME!  The children loved every second of it!  "Dragons and Dreams" is a really great story, with great visuals and experiments for all to enjoy.  I would definitely recommend Piccirillo Sciencetelling to others.  It is a great way to learn and have fun all at the same time. 

--Angela Johnson, Lower Providence Twp. Rec.


Andrew Piccirillo is a great entertainer for children of all ages. We had Andrew at our Vauxhall Branch Library for this year's summer reading program. He did the Jungle of Jersey. We had him back again for a Halloween Program at which time he did Sundown on Sycamore Street. On both occasions, the children and the adults had so much fun. I know several parent's took his information with the intention of booking him for upcoming birthday parties. I know I will definitely have Andrew back again.

--Peg Brady, Vauxhall Branch Librarian
  Union Public Library, Union, NJ


Saw this program at our local library. It was fantastic. I never saw so much excitement from the kids. They learned a lot and had a great time. Mr. Piccirillo seemed to enjoy working with the kids and keeping them engaged.

--Sue, Howell Township, NJ


Piccirillo Sciencetelling conducted the Jungle of Jersey presentation for a diverse group. Our audience was captivated, including the adults. The children were willing participants and not one was left out.

--Bergen Co. Special Services, Hackensack, NJ


I think I might have enjoyed this program (The Jungle of Jersey) as much as my six year old! Thanks for making me laugh!

--Peg Thompson, Brielle, NJ


Wow!  What an awesome experience.  Andrew captured the interests and imaginations of 18 nine year old boys with his exciting "Planet of the Others" story.  Fire! Lasers! Explosions! Slime! AND my house stayed CLEAN!  A perfect party!  I am going to book him for our school!

--Laurie Restieri, Franklin Lakes, NJ


Andrew Piccirillo has entertained for us three times. Once at a science fair, and twice at Harry Potter parties, where he gave a sciencetelling show. He was exciting and energetic as well as informative. I really think the kids learned something while having a great time. I plan on having him come to the library every year. Thanks Andrew.

--Judy Flammino, Chester Public Library


If you're thinking Andrew Piccirillo's advertising is too good to be true, think again. He delivers even more than promised when he bursts onto the stage and launches into an original tale, the theme of which is your library's summer reading theme. During the story many children (and even some adults) get a chance to assist him in one of his many F.U.N. (funny, unbelievable, nutty) experiments that they will probably never forget. I was born without the "science gene," and even I learned a LOT. I was so impressed with Andrew's performance that while he was still in the building, I e-mailed other children's librarians and encouraged them to hire him!

--Linda Poland, Assistant Children's Librarian, William Jeanes Memorial Library-Lafayette Hill, PA


Piccirillo Scienctelling has been one of the highlights of Marple Public Library for the past two summers. Children of all ages are engaged by Andrew's enthusiastic method of making science FUN!

--Susi Landis, Marple Public Library


This June, Andrew of Piccirillo Sciencetelling helped us open our Summer Reading Program at the Spotswood Public Library. He dazzled a group of about 60 children and adults as he told the story of "The Jungle of Jersey" using interesting as well as exciting science experiments. The children ranged in age from 18 months to 15 years old and all enjoyed the program. I would highly recommend Sciencetelling for school and library programs and children's parties. Andrew was well organized and extremely personable with the children.

--Olga Urbanowicz, Spotswood Public Library


Our PTA sponsored The Dragon and Dreams Program as a Family Night Activity. Pre-schoolers through adults were delighted and entertained by the wonderful story and special effects. We would highly recommend this program for all ages.

--Chesterfield Elementary School, Chesterfield, NJ


Andrew provided a wonderful assembly to grades K through 8. Everyone had a great time, including all of the teachers. It is a program that can be enjoyed by a large age group. Thank you Andrew!!

--Gina Donlon, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel


What a great birthday party! Andrew of Piccirillo Sciencetelling was professional and easy to work with right from the start. We had 25 boys between the ages of 6 and 9 and Andrew did an amazing job keeping their interest and teaching them about science. He has a talent for storytelling and entertaining this age group. We are completely happy with the entire experience!

--Sandy Aprahamian, Sea Girt, NJ


You came to put on a science show for us last week. We thought it was fun. We loved it when you made fog and we felt so happy when Andrew made bubbles.  Our favorite part was when the quarter shook. That was very exciting. It was amazing to see dry ice. We learned never to touch dry ice without gloves. Where did Andrew get that silly rainbow shirt?

--Room 15, Lakeview School


Andrew put on a great program for my son's 9th birthday party - he amazed 13 9 year olds, holding their attention for over an hour, AND he taught them something, which certainly impressed me! We are now looking forward to our next family birthday party, which will include more Sciencetelling!

--Beth Fisher, Cranbury, NJ


Andrew hit it out of the ballpark!  We were lucky enough to have Andrew present "Sundown On Sycamore Street" at a Halloween party in our home.  I'm STILL receiving thank you's from our guests!  Andrew's personality shines and his enthusiasm for science is contagious!  Thank you for making our party an event to remember!

--The Bartley Family, Monroe Twp., NJ


To quote my children, "AWESOME!"  We had a WONDERFUL time seeing and participating in the Einstein program at the Monroe Library.  I can't say enough about it! The presentation was high energy, entertaining and educational.  Andrew grabbed my children's attention and kept it for the entire program. (No small feat!)  Learning and laughing at the same time. Now that's the way to go!  My kids have already asked when we can see another show! Looks like we're Piccirillo groupies!

--Sue Bartley, Homeschool Family


Andrew Piccirillo is FANTASTIC!  His show is both entertaining and educational.  Mr. Piccirillo relates well to the children with a high-energy show, that keeps the children laughing and learning at the same time.  He gives the children plenty of opportunity to participate.  He does some really wild stuff with dry ice, but always makes sure to keep safety in mind.  The children at the Little Falls Public Library LOVED him!

--Mary Louise Helwig-Rodriguez, Little Falls Public Library


I took my 5 year old to 2 different demonstrations at our local library. We both enjoyed the shows very much. The kids were amazed and there was lots of audience involvement. Bravo, Piccirillo!

--Debra Figueroa, Jamesburg, NJ


We had Piccirillo Sciencetelling in August, 2005. The audience of 50+ laughed, screamed and thoroughly enjoyed the dry ice experiments!

--Debby Kyritz, Oradell Public Library


Andrew Piccirillo's Sciencetelling was an absolutely great program for kids (and adults).  Part scientist, part storyteller (and part comedian), Andrew had our kids laughing and learning between dry ice, buckets of fog and bottle explosions.  A great time was had by all. Highly recommended for libraries and schools.

--Deivis Garcia, Montclair Public Library


We couldn't have asked for a better closing to our Summer Reading Club than Piccirillo Sciencetelling's "Dragons & Dreams" demonstration. Andrew had amazing energy and a great rapport with the kids. The science experiments were so cool. Parents came to me during the program to say how much they and their children were enjoying it. I highly recommend Piccirillo Sciencetelling to libraries looking for fun educational programs. We can't wait to have a return engagement!

--Ellyn Benner, Horsham Township Library


Piccirillo Sciencetelling was nonstop fun for all. The audience enjoyed themselves so much they have asked when Andrew will be back. Learning has never been such fun.

--Cynthia Seelig, Northeast Branch-Warren County Library


What a great show! Educational AND hilarious for kids of ALL ages! We can hardly wait to have Sciencetelling back to entertain us again!

--Manchester Branch, Ocean County Library


We recently hosted a show by Piccirillo Sciencetelling and could not have been happier. Andrew is kind, energetic, great with the kids AND the parents, and the show was a great combo of educational and visual fun. We even had quite a few children check out the science books after the show! What more could you ask for than an entertainer who is actually influential? Highly recommended.

--Jessica Marusiak, Dowdell Library


Piccirillo Sciencetelling came to our house and did a science party for our 3 daughters' birthday party. There were 40 children at the party ranging in age from 1-13 and all the children were entertained and simply loved the science show. Best of all they learned something too. Andrew's enthusiasm for science shows as he goes through the story and performs the experiments. He was able to keep a lot of kids interested and at the edge of their seats. He was so good the children and parents are still talking about it and several people are planning to have him come to their parties as well. We can't wait to see the science story again. Thanks for a great party!

--Beth Carfagno, Flemington, NJ


The Potions Demonstration was so much fun. Andrew Piccirillo wowed the children and their parents with his story and science experiments. I highly recommend Piccirillo Sciencetelling and can't wait to have them back.

--C. DeLuca, Pennington Free Public Library


Piccirillo Sciencetelling is fun as well as educational!  Our patrons were fascinated with the Potions Demonstration using dry ice.  Great for Halloween spooks and year round fun! 

--Susan Unger, Ewing Branch Library


POTIONS was so much fun, even the adults wanted more! Andrew Piccirillo was dynamic, and had a great rapport with his audience. His programs are unique and inventive. I haven't seen kids this excited since school let out. Thank you, Andrew!

--M. Stricker, Library Company of Burlington


I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Piccirillo Sciencetelling to other libraries and schools in the area. The mastermind behind this company-- Andrew Piccirillo himself-- provided the children (and parents, too!) of our community with a truly entertaining and educational experience. Never before has science been so much fun! The audience was beyond delighted by Mr. Piccirillo's charisma and wit, and no doubt in awe of his wide store of scientific knowledge. The laughter in itself was enough to please this librarian, but the newly roused curiosity and wisdom I witnessed each child leaving with was the extremely rewarding part. Neither myself nor my patrons can wait until the next Piccirillo Sciencetelling demo we have scheduled -- Blazing New Trails. Thanks again for a great show!!!

--Stephanie Swartz, Hickory Corner Branch Library


"Potions" was entertaining, energetic, enlightening, and enthralling - an altogether excellent performance! Many, many thanks.

--Mary Ellen Monahan, Flemington Free Public Library


Piccirillo Sciencetelling came to Milltown last Monday. It was Da Bomb. The program is great for all ages. I know this because my daughter Minnow and I attended the Milltown "Potions" show, and we were just so happy! Andrew is very animated and funny and had great chemistry with all attendees. The grown-ups loved him, and the kids (from 3 yrs. to 8th grade) were beside themselves with wild enthusiasm! Andrew knows science, and he knows kids. We were so pleased with the program that we asked Piccirillo Sciencetelling to come back in July for our summer reading extravaganza. I should add that we had already planned enough programs, but Andrew was so impressive....In fact, he left us wanting more...a longer show...more dry ice...more explosions! We are so excited about Piccirillo's "Wet 'n Wild" which we scheduled as our kick-off program for summer reading. A big bang before the 4th!!!!:)

--Jenifer Williams, Milltown Public Library


Piccirillo Sciencetelling totally captivated about 40 children (aged 5 -9) plus some mothers and teachers with a dazzling "Potions Demonstration" at the Old Bridge Public Library. Storytelling plus dry ice experiments proved to be a winning combination. Mr. Piccirillo's brightly colored tie-dyed lab coat added to the fun. I understand he performs at birthday parties. Kids would love this! Schools should also consider contacting him as his program is educational as well as entertaining.

--Phyllis Church, Old Bridge Public Library


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